Challenging Yourself to Achieve Your Goals

Challenging Yourself to Achieve Your Goals 1

This year I have really stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to dedicate 2017 to broadening my exercise knowledge, improving my ability to help clients better their bodies and developing my business skills to take Peachi PT to the next level. This week has really shown just how much action has been taken … Read more

The Power of Support

The Power of Support 2

Our recent trip to Mount Kosciuszko really showed Peachi PT’s love for a challenge – 10 people, a 22km walk through fog, rain, snow and sunshine and a fantastic team effort to reach the highest point of Australia! As we descended from the summit I felt so grateful for the amazing group of people who … Read more

What is it about Mondays?

What is it about Mondays? 3

How many times have you heard someone say “I’ll start exercising on Monday”, or “from Monday onwards I am going back to eating healthy food – this is my last blow out!”? How many times have YOU made a statement like that? I know I have! So many times! Just this week I had a … Read more

Obstacle Or Opportunity

Obstacle Or Opportunity 4

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Unexpected issues can arise and get in the way of your goals, whether they be fitness goals or ambitions you have in your career, study or personal life. And it can seem so frustrating!!! It can really rock your motivation levels and tempt you to just give up on … Read more

Focus On The Feet

Focus On The Feet 5

Our feet are connected to almost every other part of the body, and have a massive impact on the way you move – your knees, hips, spine, shoulders, and even breathing function can be affected by the way your feet move during those 10,000+ steps a day we are all encouraged to take! In the … Read more

The Complexity of The Human Body

The Complexity of The Human Body 6

Our body’s ability to move is something we rely on every day, from simple tasks such as sitting up in bed each morning, carrying grocery bags, or running to make your morning train to work. But have you ever considered what’s happening under the skin that allows us to complete day-to-day tasks or do a … Read more

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