Group Training in a fun, supportive and energised team!

Our group class program is designed to boost your strength, fitness, mobility and get your body moving and feeling better every day. We pride ourselves on catering to all fitness levels and abilities from complete beginner to experienced gym goer – with a maximum of 12 participants per session we can work with each individual to ensure you are working at the right level and intensity for your body while getting all the technique assistance, and motivation you need from our coaches.

At Peachi PT having a strong and supportive community is our priority, and the group class team are the core of our community. We support each other, challenge each other and have fun every session. This dynamic environment helps keep you motivated and makes it easier to keep coming back and maintain regular exercise in your routine. Plus, no two classes are the same so you are guaranteed to get lots of variety in each session and you won’t get bored with the same old routine.

Our Session Styles:

Group Training 1

PUMP it!

Combining functional resistance training with cardio, these full body workouts are designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles working. PUMP it! is a staple if you’re looking to boost your overall fitness and strength, burn calories and tone your body. These strength and conditioning sessions are available both in-studio and as part of our virtual timetable.

Group Training 2

Flexi PUMP!

Just like PUMP it!, but with a twist! You can choose to do a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute class to flex with your schedule – you can arrive to start at 12pm, 12:15pm or 12:30pm and go through until 1pm. The session will be broken into 4 x 15 minute blocks, so you have the flexibility to come and go as you need to within the hour to fit that session into your day.

Group Training 3


Recovery is vital for both the mind and body. These sessions focus on releasing tight, sore muscles and improving activation of muscles that need waking up to improve body posture and mobility. By tuning in to our recovery and working to restore our posture and mobility we’re able to get more benefit every time we exercise. This session is available both in-studio and virtually.

Group Training 4

BOX it!

Our boxing class combines a mix of fitness boxing with technique to help you learn correct technique and combinations while ensuring you keep your heart rate up. It’s suitable for beginner to intermediate boxers and it’s guaranteed to create a fun vibe and a sweat too!

Group Training 5

Body Flow

This class is all about ground-based class full body movements (think slow motion breakdancing merged with fast paced yoga) – it challenges your strength, mobility and coordination all in one! These 30 minute sessions are available both in-studio and as part of our virtual timetable too.

Group Training 6


Focus on building strength, mobility, flexibility and posture while getting your weekly dose of ‘unwind time’ on a Sunday – balance the body, the mind and recovery. This session is offered both in-studio and virutally, only so you can enjoy this class from anywhere.

How It Works

  • We offer over 20 sessions per week across our in-studio and virtual timetables, and you have the flexibility to choose which sessions you attend every week.
  • All sessions run for 55 minutes.
  • We have flexible membership options to suit your lifestyle – you can exclusively participate in group classes, or combine them with our Shared PT sessions to create your ultimate membership.

Want to try us out?


All included for only $97

  • A Movement Assessment & One-on-One session
    • A low intensity session to check in on your mobility, your fitness level, and chat about your goals.
  • 4 x Shared PT sessions
    • Start your own completely individualised program.
  • Unlimited Group Class access
    • Try out as many classes as you like over the 14 days.

* This Offer is only available to first-time new members. 

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