Are you fit enough to go to the gym?

Ahh we’ve heard this SO many times – “I don’t think I’m fit enough to go to the gym” or “No way am I fit enough for group classes”…

The idea of starting out a gym or in a group class could be terrifying…

… Are you going to be be able to “keep up” with everyone in a class?

… Will everyone see I have NO idea what I’m doing?

… Are the “fit people” going to judge you?

We get it! Daunting. Terrifying. Overwhelming.

BUT!! Hear out our perspective…

How did those “fit people” become “fit people”? Sure, some of them may have been really fit and active as kids and just continued on with great exercise habits throughout their adult life, but the reality is that a majority of people you see in a gym or group class haven’t always had a flawless exercise and health history – life happens! People go through periods of time (big or small) where their exercise habits go out the window and they find themselves in a fitness slump.

The only way the “fit people” became fit, is by going to the gym! Avoiding the gym until you feel fit is the same as avoiding the dentist because it’s been so long since you went the last time and you’re scared the dentist will tell you off – the longer you avoid it, the worse it’s going to get!

When it comes to “keeping up” in a group class or feeling judged for not knowing what you’re doing, take solace in the fact that:

  • Most people are too busy focusing on their workout and what is going on in their fitness bubble to judge anyone else, and;
  • Most others have been in that same place as you at one point or another, so if they are paying attention to you they can probably relate to where you’re at rather than judge you – in fact, they may even be able to support and help you as you figure things out!

We truly believe there is a gym or fitness community out there to suit everyone’s body, motivations and level – you just have to find the right one for you, wherever that may be!

At Peachi it is our mission to grow a community where all minds, bodies and abilities work together to challenge and support each other – where ALL people feel empowered and free to work to be their best self!

  • We don’t care if you’re not fit right now…
  • We don’t care that you can’t do as many push ups as some of the other people in our group class team (yet)…
  • We don’t care if you have to ask us coaches a million questions because you have no idea how to do any exercises right now…
  • All we care about is that you WANT to be there, that you want to make positive change, that you want to be part of the team!

So who cares if you’re not fit right now! Make a start and take the plunge! Who knows, one day you might even look around and realise you are one of the “fit people” !

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