Back by popular demand

Back by popular demand 2

We had such great results and so much fun in the April challenge (as you can see in our “MEP dance”) that we are doing it all over again 😲🤯

That’s right, a new challenge is coming to boost your Winter…
Winter meal plans
Unlimited group classes
Weekly Workout and Wisdom focuses – we are not only incorporating different team exercise challenges each week, we are spending some time focusing on your mental health and mindset too!

This challenge kicks off on 1st June and it is going to be epic!

🔸️More teamwork.
🔸️More exercise challenges
🔸️More MEP tallying.
🔸️More fat loss.
🔸️More muscle building.
🔸️More balanced mindset.
🔸️More tools to help you create habits to smash your goals.
🔸️More fun!

Find out more:

The Trick to True Core Strength

The Trick to True Core Strength 4

When you hear the term “core strength” most of us think about abs, and the 6-packs they wish they had! The there are 2 important truths here.. 1. Everyone has a “6-pack” – they are made up of the Rectus Abdominus – if you didn’t have them you would not be able to stand or … Read more

Mind Muscle Connection

Mind Muscle Connection

How much do you actually focus on your body when you exercise? Whether you’re having a chat with a friend while you do lunges or just aimlessly counting your reps while you do push ups, your lack of concentration and mind-muscle connection is costing you results! What is ‘Mind Muscle Connection’? Your brain controls your … Read more

Knee Tracking in Exercise

Knee Tracking in Exercise 10

Something was spend a lot of time working on with people in the studio is their knee tracking with exercise. That means what direction their knees are going when they’re bending during things like squats, lunges, step ups, etc. A lot of people don’t think about it or they don’t realise they’re doing it, but … Read more

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