What does Healthy Really Mean?

Many see the word “healthy” as an objective term – a fixed state where your exercise routine is on point, your nutrition is flawless, you get over 7 hours of sleep per night and eat the recommended serves of fruit and veg every day.

The reality is that version of “healthy” feels UNACHIEVABLE to most – people who are juggling pressures of work, family, social commitments and the desire to chill out on the couch every now and then!

Can you relate?

At Peachi we see “healthy” as more of a subjective term – a fluid state that will change as you do. Guess what… you don’t have to be PERFECT to be HEALTHY!!

To us, being healthy is about taking small steps and making positive choices so you can look back and realise you’re in a better place physically and mentally than you were last week, last month, last year….

If that means you choose vegetables instead of chips when you order a chicken parma when you go out with friends – GREAT!! … Because if the “perfect” idea of health means you turn down dinner with friends to eat weighed out grilled chicken, rice and green vegetables with a “food is fuel” mentality, how positive is that for your mental health, your social needs or your life balance?

If that means you fit in a 10 min walk on your lunch break on top of your two workouts per week – WIN!! That 10 extra mins is more than you did last week and helped clear and calm your mind too. … And because smashing your body with HIIT every day in the pursuit of a perfect body can put you under serious stress and have negative impacts on your physical and mental health.

You don’t have to live up to that seemingly “perfect” healthy lifestyle, because in reality the pursuit of perfection can easily to lead to overwhelm, frustration if you “mess up”, isolation if exercise becomes an obsession or nutrition becomes more important than connection with those close to you….

Being healthy is subjective – it will look different for everyone based on their past, their life commitments and their goals.

Stop comparing yourself to others who portray “perfect health” and just compare YOU to YOU – how can you be healthier this week than you were last week, last month, last year?

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