Benefits of Protein Powder


Regularly clients are asking me is they should be incorporating protein shakes into their diet, so I want to share with you a few benefits of protein powder.

  1. It’s really great for muscle repair, meaning your body and your muscles will recover faster after a workout.
  2. It’s good for managing your calories – if you’re trying to lose fat it helps make sure you’re not under nourishing your body, and if you’re trying to bulk up or increase your strength it helps get that extra protein into the muscles to help them repair and grow faster.
  3. It’s great for snacking, so you can use it in smoothies or you can make protein bowls, protein muffins, protein pancakes, the list is endless.

So, I definitely recommend protein powder if you’re living a really active lifestyle. If you’re not sure which one to get, at the moment I’m using RULE 1, it tastes really good for protein and it’s actually one of the best quality products on the market at the moment. If you need a hand choosing a protein, don’t be afraid to get in contact with us, it can be really daunting. There’s a lot of different products out there, but I definitely recommend incorporating it into a healthy and active lifestyle.

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