Benefits of Burpees

What is it about burpees? As a coach, I think it’s safe to say they are the most disliked exercise out there! So often when I suggest them, ,they’re met with groans and just disappointed faces. I guess I just don’t really get it! As coaches, we don’t give them to you because we like to watch you suffer (contrary to what some of you might think). They’re actually just a really great exercise! I’m going to share with you five benefits of burpees.

  1. They are a great all-round, full-body workout. With every representative, you are working your arms, your chest, your legs, your butt, and your core. They’re also really great for getting your heart rate up, so you’re building your cardio fitness at the same time as strengthening your muscles.
  2. They test your coordination and they get your muscles working all together, which is super important for both your coordination and movement in every day life as well as your ability to complete more complex exercises.
  3. They are such an efficient way to burn calories. Working all of those muscle groups at the same time leaves you feeling fit, and it’s a really efficient way to work out.
  4. You don’t need any equipment.
  5. They are so versatile. There are so many ways to modify your burpees to keep them interesting and change them depending on what you want your workout to focus on on the day.

Check out the video to see our burpee variations. Some are easy, some not so easy, and there are so many other variations you can try!

Let’s embrace the burpee – think of the benefits! Get creative and try as many different kinds as you can. Who knows? After a while, you might even start to enjoy them  😛

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