Obstacle Or Opportunity

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Unexpected issues can arise and get in the way of your goals, whether they be fitness goals or ambitions you have in your career, study or personal life. And it can seem so frustrating!!! It can really rock your motivation levels and tempt you to just give up on what you are striving toward!

BUT, do you really have to just sit back in disappointment and wait for these issues to subside before you find that motivation again? Does the obstacle standing in your way really need to change your whole mindset and leave you discouraged?

So far this year, a couple of our clients have set an incredible example of perseverance and shown us just how determined they are not to let anything get in the way of their fitness! If you have been following Peachi PT for a little while you have no doubt seen one of the core Group Class members in our community, Andrew Barrett, pop up in our posts before. Around 3.5 years ago he started doing our PUMP it! classes and struggled to jog the full warm up lap, but over time he has lost around 20kg and worked his way to become one of the strongest, fittest and most motivated clients I have ever had the privilege of working with. Now his goal is to climb the highest peak on every continent in the world.

Everest Base Camp and Mount Kilimanjaro have already been ticked off the list in the last 2 years, and he inspired the upcoming Peachi team trip to Mount Kosciusko so he can tick Australia off the list too! But he has just encountered a big obstacle – he needs to wear moon boots on both feet for the next 6-weeks to allow issues in his Achilles to heal. While he did call me feeling disheartened yesterday, last night he came in to the studio (moon boots and all) and challenged himself in a tough upper body workout – as you can see in the video his moon boots simply became weights on his feet to make his chin ups that little bit harder! We have now shifted that disappointment and re-focused his energy, and Andy is now excited to take this opportunity to really concentrate on his upper body strength and shoulder mobility.

When an obstacle arises in your path, it is up to you how you react to that obstacle and how much you let it negatively affect your ambition. It is completely normal to feel that initial burst of annoyance or disappointment, but it’s how you re-focus your mind and your attitude that really counts. Don’t let these issues hold power over you, just take some time to think, re-direct your motivation and turn that obstacle into an opportunity – welcome the challenge to better yourself in a different way!

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