Hands up if you’ve felt intimidated in a gym

🙋‍♂️Hands up if you’ve felt intimidated in a gym… or even been too terrified to even walk in the door? 🙋🏼‍♀️Hands up if you’ve ever felt judged for your body… if you’ve heard people talking about you… or if people have made comments to you that have crushed you on the inside?

Everyone in this image would have experienced at LEAST one instance of this regardless of gender, body shape or fitness level. One year ago we created THE VULNERABILITY VAULT, in which a group of brave and powerful people opened up to spark huge discussion around judgements, insecurities, the impact they have on us and the transformations that can come from them

💫 It’s been one year, and now it’s time to spread our impact WIDER 🌏 More than ever we pride our community on being a place where all people feel empowered and free to live a fit, happy and healthy life – where all minds, bodies and abilities work together to challenge and support each other. Together we continue to grow and celebrate progress and achievement as a team. And we want to spread that support and positive vibe on a HUGE scale!

👀 If you haven’t heard the stories then head to our VULNERABILITY VAULT page – the stories are raw and the messages are SO powerful

🤯 We want to spark more discussion and create positive change with more stories – we would be honoured to share YOUR story – it may just resonate with someone and empower them to break free and BE THEIR BEST SELF. Go on… enter the VAULT, read the stories and help us champion change

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