The Power of Support

Our recent trip to Mount Kosciuszko really showed Peachi PT’s love for a challenge – 10 people, a 22km walk through fog, rain, snow and sunshine and a fantastic team effort to reach the highest point of Australia! As we descended from the summit I felt so grateful for the amazing group of people who came together and made our trip such a fun and rewarding adventure. I could really feel that sense of support and accomplishment amongst the group, and with another 10km to walk I had lots of time to reflect on just how important it is to not only have your own support network, but also to be that support-person for other people in your life.

I rely on a network of people around me to keep me motivated and on track in running Peachi PT, with my own exercise and to help me keep a work/life balance – a few close friends, my mum, and last but definitely not least, my partner, Mak. He is an incredible support for me every day: he makes sure dinner is ready for me after a long day’s work (I know, what a keeper); he keeps me motivated to exercise; makes sure I have time for the fun things in life like holidays; and is always there when I need someone to bounce ideas off or need help making those difficult decisions that come along in running a small business. He really does help Peachi PT run and continue to grow, and without him running team trips like the one to Kosciuszko just wouldn’t be possible!
Who do you rely on for support in your life – Is anyone helping you improve your body and challenge yourself in exercise? Whether you have a gym buddy, or you just really look forward to exercising with the people in your group classes, it is SO important to recognise those people and make sure you have someone helping you to challenge yourself, hold you accountable and reach your goals.

A very close friend of mine has had an incredibly difficult 18-months – after being diagnosed with breast cancer she underwent intensive treatment and kicked cancer’s butt! Watching her stay so strong through this battle was nothing short of inspirational, and I have since been working with her to build her fitness and physical strength back up. When Laura mentioned she wanted to do join our Kosciuszko trip I signed her up on the spot, and although she had a few moments of self-doubt leading into the trip and even tried to back out I stuck by her and made sure she got on that bus! During the walk she questioned if she could make it (and even told me she hated me a couple of times!), but when she got to the top of that mountain she was so happy! After all she has been through she genuinely didn’t think she would ever be able to do something like that, and without me giving her that nudge and the support of our team she may never have challenged herself to get to the top.

I absolutely love helping people to challenge themselves and watching them exceed their own expectations. In Laura’s case there was something extra special about being able to take a photo with her at the top of the mountain, and I am so proud to say I could help her get there and be there to support her through some of the tough times over the last 18-months.

We all need a support system! If you see a friend set out with the best health and fitness intentions but falling short take the time to ask them if there is a way you can help them stay on track, they may only need something as simple as a text message to help keep them motivated or someone to give them a disapproving look when they start walking down the confectionary isle!

If you think you need to build a stronger support network for yourself, or if you could help someone around you reach that little bit further, take the time to make it happen – a little communication can go a long way!

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