Factors of Fat Loss: Part Four – Exercise Selection – Our 5 Favourite Fat Loss Exercises!

The exercises you choose can make a massive difference on your calorie burn both during the session and in the hours after your session while your body’s recovering. I recommend minimising those isolation machine-based exercises, (like a machine-seated chest press) and try to use more compound exercises; that is, ones that use multiple muscle groups at one time.

This is going to boost your heart rate, boost your calorie burn, boost your fitness, and boost your fat loss. This is where I love to bring functional training into things, so here are five of my favourite fat-loss exercises for you to try to incorporate into your program!

Squat Presses (Thrusters)

Alternating Lunges

Deadball Slams

Kettlebell Swings


If you’re looking for more fat burning functional workouts try our weight plate workout or bodyweight ladder!

Find out more about the importance of sleep for fat loss here.

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