Factors of Fat Loss: Part One – Nutrition


Part One: Nutrition

You might’ve heard the saying, “You can’t out train a bad diet,” and unfortunately it’s true. Over 80% of your fat loss success is going to come down to your nutrition. It’s all about calories in vs. calories out, meaning the amount of calories you eat with your food across the day versus the amount of calories you burn with your exercise and activity across the day.

But if you want long-term success and a healthy body, it really is much more important than just thinking about calories. You need to make sure you’re eating a balanced and nutritious diet and that you’re not cutting out any of the food groups.

Protein – super important for your muscles and your bones.

Fat – super important for your hormones, your cells, and your energy.

Carbohydrates – really important for your brain function as well as for your energy levels.

Vitamins and minerals – just important for your all-over body function.

One of the best tips I could give you…

While eating a whole and balanced diet, really be aware of those foods that are “low fat.” While they might have a lot less calories in them, they actually often have a lot more sugar in them than the full fat version! While you’re eating less calories, you’re actually boosting the amount of sugar in your body. That might not seem like such a big deal, but sugar actually inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat. So while you’re putting less calories in your body, you’re also preventing your body from burning the fat that you’re trying to get rid of! Just be aware  of this when you’re choosing your foods at the supermarket.

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