Factors of Fat Loss: Part Three – Exercising for Fat Loss

Part One: Nutrition

Part Two: Calorie Control

Part Three: Exercising for Fat Loss

Part Four: Exercise Selection – Our 5 favourite fat loss exercises!

Part Five: Importance of Sleep

Most people tend to think fat loss training means spending monotonous hours on cardio equipment, but the truth is, your body will benefit a lot more from incorporating resistance and high-intensity training into your program.

Resistance training (training with weights, bands, or using your body weight for exercises like pushups and squats) is vital for any fat loss program. After a resistance session, your body will be burning more calories and have a faster metabolism for up to 36 hours after you finish that session. Even while you’re resting, you’re burning more fat. Long-term, as well, with consistent resistance training, you can boost your metabolism, so it will help you keep your fat off long-haul.

High Intensity Interval training (or HIIT) is also super important. You can do that with cardio or with resistance exercises, and by elevating your heart rate up that much, it actually really boosts your calorie burn during the session. Similar to the resistance training, it also helps increase your calorie burn for hours after while your body recovers.

I’m not saying there’s no place for that lower-intensity cardio, like staying on the cardio machines. There definitely is a place for that because you don’t want to be doing too much at once on your body, so you’ve got to make sure you give it time to recover. But I would definitely recommend incorporating resistance training and HIIT training into your workouts.

Check out Part Four to see what kind of exercises we recommend when your goal is to lose fat!

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