Functional Workout using only a Weight Plate

Here is a functional training workout that you can try for yourself (not sure what that means? Check out our video here).

Remember, it’s all about focusing on the movement patterns and coordinating your muscle groups to work together, which is will enhance your movement in every day life. For my workout, I’ve chosen exercises that use multiple muscle groups at one time, which is great not only for boosting your coordination, but also for increasing your metabolism, bumping up that calorie burn, and increasing your fitness.

I’ve used a weight plate for my workout, but you could always use a dumbbell or a kettlebell instead.

  • 2 x Prisoner Get Ups
  • 4 Lunge with Twist
  • 6 x One Arm Row
  • 8 x Squat Press
  • 10 x Prone Knee Tucks (5 each side).

Rest and repeat 3 – 6 times.

Give it a try!

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