Targeting Fat Loss

As a PT, the subject of targeting fat loss comes up regularly.

“What exercises can I do to get rid of these wobbly arms?”

“How do I lose my love handles?”

The said truth is, you can’t target fat loss. Doing 200 sit-ups every morning is not going to guarantee you a flat stomach, and doing tricep dips all day long is not the fastest way to toned arms! If your goal is to lose fat, there are a lot of factors you need to consider, the main ones being good nutrition, getting a balanced resistance and cardio exercise plan in place, and making sure you get adequate sleep. When your body does start to lose fat, it’s going to choose to take it from wherever it wants. If you start out on a plan and you see some results but not in the areas you were hoping, stick with it! Consistency is key!! You’ve just got to keep going, and over time you will see results in the areas you were hoping for.

Want to know more about about fat loss? Check out our Factors of Fat Loss series.

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