4 Key Exercises to Improve your Glute Activation


Having strong glute activation is important not only to help strengthen your glutes more effectively, it’s also really good for your knee tracking (not sure what that is? Click here).

Incorporate them into your warm-ups, or try and just spend a few minutes a day doing these if you find them really difficult or you’re struggling to activate your glutes. Completing these exercises AFTER you complete these muscle releases will give you the best results!

Things to focus on:

  • Remember to keep your weight through your heels
  • Focus on what your knees are going – keep them in line with your ankles when you’re exercising
  • Concentrate on using your glutes – really think about actively squeezing them as you stand up from a squat or when you’re doing a lunge. It really does help! Find out more about the Mind Muscle Connection here.

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