4 Key Steps to Making Healthy Changes

Like I assume many people do, I’ve come back from a holiday feeling motivated! I’m refreshed and determined to make improvements to my exercise regime, my habits and, of course, to Peachi PT. But with so many new ideas and intentions swirling around in your head it can be easy to lose track of all of them or just get overwhelmed by change and just slip back into the same old routine you had before!

Everyone wants to be better instantly – whether it’s better motivation, better strength, better willpower or a better figure! But trying to completely transform everything you do at once can often be too much for the mind and for the body to handle.

The key to making positive changes is to implement them one at a time! If there are habits you want to improve on or things you want add into your routine the best way you can make them stick long term try following the these steps:

  1. Make a list of all the things you want to change or improve on. Putting your list somewhere you are regularly reminded of these things may also help you stay motivated.
  2. Choose one thing from your list – the thing that could have the biggest impact.
  3. Get to work – implement that change! It may be tough to stick to straight away, but keep working at it until it feels easy (or at least like you can stick to it long term!).
  4. Once the first change is becoming the new normal, choose something else from your list, again the thing could have the biggest impact, and start all over!

This may not give you the instant results you’re after but it WILL encourage long term change, which means you can get BETTER results and BE BETTER for the long haul!

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