Winter Series - Current 1

Thanks for joining us for our 5 Week Winter Series!

This page gives you a full breakdown of what’s coming your way as part of the series…

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>Exclusive sessions available only to WINTER SERIES members, called THE DIVIDE – within the class you have the option to do a workout focused around your goal – strength, cardio or mobility. Or if you like, you can use this time as ‘open gym’ time to do your own thing too. Sessions are Tues 5.30pm and Fri 6am.

> Infared Sauna Session x 1 per week – 45 mins of mind, muscle and joint recovery, skin detox, endorphins and ‘you time’.

> Goal Specific Workshops: these workshops are available to all challengers, but each are specifically tailored to different goals with the focus on building a skill or providing education:

     o Deadlift Technique Workshop

     o Conditioning [Heart Rate Zone] Workshop

     o Skill Workshop

> All the teamwork, boosted accountability, fun and results you could ask for over 5-weeks!


Here are all the important dates you need with sessions that are exclusive to 5 Week Series participants. Of course you’ll participate in all your regular training sessions and sauna sessions amongst these dates too. Winter Series - Current 2

*Note: none of these are compulsory, you are welcome to come to as many or as little as you like – do whatever suits your schedule and your body! 

What is Baseline and Finish Line Testing? This is where we assess and record metrics on your mobility, and then you complete tests specific to your goals (overall fitness, strength or cardio). We know the idea of this can be a little intimidating if you’re just starting out, but there’s zero pressure to keep up with anyone else or do anything outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to do testing if you don’t want to, but we highly recommend it so you can see your progress and celebrate your wins at the end of the 5 weeks!


Within this series you choose your focus. Check out your options and if you haven’t already chosen one, let the Coaching Team know which stream feels right for you.

Winter Series - Current 3

Focus on improving your strength and power with strength-specific training to help your technique and challenge your muscular strength – deadlifts, squats, bench press and more!

Winter Series - Current 4

Challenge your cardiovascular health with SPRINT – improve your fitness and muscle conditioning with heart rate-specific training – running goals, cardio fitness goals… this is for you!

Winter Series - Current 5

Focus on bodyweight movement – mobility, flexibility, even calisthenics/gymnastics moves like handstands, rings etc! Select a skill or two to build on or just focus on mobility.


Across the week each PUMP it! class has a different style, as outlined below. We have highlighted which class styles are best suited to each focus stream. Of course you’re welcome to come to any class regardless of your stream and your goals, this is just to give you an idea of which ones would be most helpful for you if you are focusing on a specific area.

If you’ve chosen ‘SHAPE’ then each and every class is perfect for you!Winter Series - Current 6


1. Select Calendar

2. Select Book Specialty

3. Use the arrows to select your desired day, then select Infrared Sauna as the session type, and 45 minutes as the duration.

4. Select Search to see times and Book to confirm the time you want.

Winter Series - Current 7

If you want more info about the sauna (what to expect, what to bring etc.) head to this page and scroll to the bottom.


Winter Series - Current 8If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the coaches at any time – we are always here to support you and ensure you have a positive Peachi experience!

You can always contact Coach Kim on 0433 719 354, or hit the button below to email us…

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