Virtual Training

Spend a lot of time traveling?

Need the ultimate in flexibility so you can balance your family and work commitments? 

With our comprehensive virtual timetable you can train with us anywhere in the world! Our virtual sessions are all live video coached via Zoom, so you can see us and we can see you to coach, motivate and correct technqiue just the same as when we coach face-to-face.

All Peachi members have access to our virutal timetable, so they have the freedom to train at our studio, from their loungeroom or from their hotel room to keep active while traveling!

Live a little too far away from the Peachi Studio but want to be a part of our community?

We also offer Virtual Memberships so you can be a Peachi member and train exclusively online.

Member Virtual Platform

Our exclusive member-only Virtual Platform is a one-stop-shop for all your exercise, health and education needs. This is where our members can access a range of education seminars, resources to eliminate muscle pain and improve posture, as well as a library of pre-recorded workouts so you can do a session anywhere, anytime!


14 Day Peachi 14 Day Kickstartonly $97

All included for only $97

  • A movement assessment
  • one-on-one session
  • 4 shared PT sessions
  • Unlimited Group Class access

* This promotion in an introductory offer valid for first time customers only

Peachi Personal Training