I first found Peachi Personal Training when we moved to the Reservoir area. We had a quick response to our enquiry and before we had time to talk ourselves out of it, we had our first 'free trial' session!We have over the last year, moved up our training to 1x Share PT and up to 3 group sessions (or more if we are feeling strong) a week because we loved the variety of workouts, and of course the great results we were seeing! The coaches are always patient, attentive to our progress/pains and continuously push us to reach goals we never knew were even possible!Another great thing about the Peachi team is they organise and coordinate awesome group events regularly e.g.: ‘climbing Kosciuszko mountain’, doing the ‘Eureka Climb’ to name a couple. They also drive regular ‘friendly’ in-house challenges to help motivate the Peachi group members.Overall, I recommend Peachi Personal Training to everyone who will listen. They are a lovely bunch of genuine people who are there to help you be the best version of yourself.

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