After over 5 years of training and losing roughly 20kgs, I thought it about time I gave Kim and the team a worthy review. You that have firmly established yourself in the greater neighbourhood and surrounds as the place to be if you want to better yourself both physically and mentally for the challenges of life. You have been there for me from the start, when I struggled to run 300m through to my personal achievement of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and Everest Base Camp. You even created a team when I wanted to climb Mount Koszioscko. Where else would you find a gym that would take a group of 10 people interstate just to keep you company while you achieve your goal?Everything is tailored meet the needs of each individual (you even call me as an alarm for early morning sessions) - this is your uniqueness, your point of difference and your strength.Your all round approach of resistance training capped with cardio and a sprinkle of mobility is key for me and my needs. Thanks guys. You're the best.

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