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Thanks for joining us at Peachi to power into the second half of 2024 with our 6 Week Winter Series!

As a new member of the team we want to give you the rundown on the way things work around the studio, so this page is your go-to on all the general things you might need help with as a new member – what the different sessions are, how to book your classes etc.

The S SERIES HUB page is where you need to be if you’re looking for information specific to the S Series – important dates for testing and workshops, tips etc. Click here if you want to go to that page instead.


Lots of our members love to participate in this 6 Week Winter Series, and with them we call this ‘THE S SERIES’ because you get to choose your stream of focus for the 6 week period.

As a new member in the team, you can choose from the following:

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This is the perfect option if you just want to get into a well rounded program and ‘shape’ your habits. If you’re just getting back into exercise, or you have the goal to improve exercise consistency and overall fitness and strength but you don’t want to dive into really specific training like the other options offer then we recommend you choose this stream and enjoy getting into regular exercise.

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Improve your cardio fitness and muscle endurance with heart rate-specific training – challenge your fitness, level up your cardio speed and endurance and work up a sweat! 

Suitable for anyone with overall fitness goals, people wanting to challenge their regular training intensity, those looking to up their calorie burn or who want to carry their cardio endurance over to running, cycling or other cardio-based activities.

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Focus on improving your strength and power with specific training designed to fine tune your lifting technique and level up your muscle strength.

Suitable for experienced lifters and people who have never used a barbell but want to learn how!

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Focus on improving flexibility and mobility with specific training designed not only to make your body more much more bendy, but to ensure your muscles are also strong in your new range of motion – the way to level up your mobility and prevent injury too.

Suitable for anyone wanting to put all their focus into improving their range of motion, flexibility and ease of movement… You may have a goal to do the splits, to increase your squat depth, or just to feel free in day to day life!


There are two sign up options for the S SERIES… Both options include:

> Access to all the S Series workshops and stream-specific programming (check out more info in the S SERIES hub).

> Infared Sauna Session x 1 per week – 45 mins of mind, muscle and joint recovery, skin detox, endorphins and ‘you time’. If you want to learn more about our sauna click here.

> All the teamwork, boosted accountability, fun and results you could ask for over 6-weeks!


> Unlimited access to all group classes series… PUMP it!, Flexi PUMP!, Box it!, Restore, and Virtual Classes too.


   > A one-on-one session with one of our coaches to kick things off. In this session you complete a movement screening, where we check in on your posture and the mobility of your joints and address any niggling pains you have. We also chat about your goals, what style of training you like and use all this information to create your first PT program.

> 2 x Shared PT sessions per week for the full length of the series.

> Unlimited access to all group classes for the whole series – try out as many as you like.. PUMP it!, Flexi PUMP!, Box it!, Restore, and Virtual Classes too.


What are Shared PT Sessions? In these sessions there are up to 4 people training at the same time, and everyone is being coached through their own individual session plan – your plan is tailored to your body and goals just the same as in one-on-one sessions, but you are sharing the training space and the coach with the others in the group.

What are Group Classes? In these sessions there are up to 12 people training, and everyone is being coached through a session plan together. These sessions are suitable for ALL fitness levels and abilities – from complete beginner to fitness ninja, there are always options to suit everyone and there is no pressure or expectation to keep up with anyone or meet a certain level. For a more in-depth rundown on the different type of classes scroll down to read the ‘Group Class Breakdown’.

On the Studio Timetable, all sessions in purple are Shared PT sessions, all in orange are Group Classes (an outline of each class style is below), and those in green are DIVIDE sessions – also a group class (see more below).

We have both an In-Studio and Virtual Timetable on offer (with Virtual sessions running on Zoom), meaning you can exercise with us from your home or your hotel room no matter where you are – if you have gym equipment, great, if you don’t have any, that’s fine too! We will cater the session to whatever you have.

If you want to try a Virtual Session, just click the buttons below to join at the time of your session…

Meeting passcode for all sessions: 2020

PUMP it! is our flagship group class – it’s a full body functional style class that incorporates both weights and cardio, with the goal of these classes to increase strength and fitness, boost mobility and promote a higher metabolism. Every class is different, and you’ll find a breakdown further below so you know the outline and style of each class for the week.

Flexi PUMP is just like PUMP it!, but with a twist – you can choose to do a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute class. So, you either arrive to start at 12pm, 12:15pm or 12:30pm and go through until 1pm. The session will be broken into 4 x 15 minute blocks, so you have the flexibility to come and go as you need to with availability.

BOX it! is our boxing class, and combines a mix of fitness boxing with technique to help you learn correct technique and combinations while ensuring you keep your heart rate up. It’s suitable for beginner to intermediate boxers. You need wraps to participate in these sessions – you can bring your own or purchase them from Peachi for $20.

Restore is our recovery and mobility based class – it’s all about muscle releasing, postural improvement and mid-week restoration. This is a great way to understand our mobility training better and enjoy a relaxed session if you’re feeling sore or want to ease into group classes.

Yoga is our time to flex, stretch and unwind with our resident yoga goddess, Kimiko. It’s suitable for all levels.

THE DIVIDE is a class added the schedule during the 6 Week Series only. Within the class you have the option to do a workout focused around your goal – Strength, Stretch or Sweat. If you’re doing Shape it will be just like a normal PUMP it! class.


Across the week each PUMP it! class has a different style, as outlined below. The session styles shuffle around each month, and all session styles are suitable for all members at all levels. You can chase the class styles you like or just turn up and be surprised on the day!

(coming soon)


Our members have access to our studio for Open Gym – this time is uncoached and unprogrammed, so you can do your own workouts and use the space however you like to move, mobilise, lift, sweat and stretch however you like!

Open Gym access is open by application only to all members, and is a bonus inclusion of your membership (yep, it’s free of charge). In order to prioritise movement quality and safety, each application needs to be approved by the coaching team based on your confidence and competence level before any member will be granted access to Open Gym.



It is essential you book into sessions using our app – simply download the “PEACHI PT” app from your app/play store and select log in using your email address and the password you created during your initial registration.S Series - new member info 9

1.  The “Home” Screen: This page serves as a ‘news feed’ where we can post updates on what’s going on around the gym. Members can also post updates, so we welcome you guys to share posts, photos and info here too for all our Peachi People to see!



2.  Select “Bookings” along the main menu.

3.  Select “Browse” to see all available sessions to book. 

   Note that all your currently booked sessions will appear under the “My Schedule” section.

4.  Filter which sessions you want to book  – note you can’t view all sessions at the same time, so it’s important to pay attention to what filter you have set to be able to view the sessions you want.

“Group Class”: Use this filter for all group classes – PUMP it!, Restore, BOX it!, Yoga, Flexi PUMP it!, Virtual sessions.

“Semi Private”: Use this filter for all Shared PT sessions, and you’ll find RPT in this one too. 

“Other”: Use this filter for all Open Gym and Infrared Sauna sessions. 

5.  Tick the appropriate filter box and “Confirm”.

6.  Scroll across to the date you want to book.

7.  Scroll down to view all sessions on that day and within that filter and select “Book”.

  Note the filter view – if you can’t see the session you want please double check which filter is set and try again.

In the event the class is full you will see “Join Waitlist” – always join the waitlist if you want to attend that session (it is VERY rare we won’t be able to add you to the class) – once you have been added it will appear as “booked in” in your app.



In the event you need to cancel a session please ensure you cancel yourself on the app with as much notice as possible. You can do this using the same process as above to book, but just select “Cancel” in place of “Book Now”.

For Shared PT we require a minimum of 4 hours notice to cancel a session, and we ask that you message your Coach to let them know you can’t make it too.


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From what to bring, how often you should try and train, to what training space is which… We’ve got all your FAQs covered (we hope)!

S Series - new member info 11

Wondering what all those coloured squares are on the TV during sessions or what all this talk about “MEPS” or “being in the red zone” is?

S Series - new member info 12

Enjoying Peachi and wondering where to after the series? Here are our regular membership options so you can continue training…

S Series - new member info 13

Did you know we have a nutrition and lifestyle coaching program? If you want to dial in and focus on your habits this is for you…

S Series - new member info 14

We’d love your family to become part of our family… Did you know we have a refer-a-friend bonus and a family offer?

S Series - new member info 15

Our #1 goal is to ensure you have all the support you need and a positive experience – if you have feedback we always want to hear it!


S Series - new member info 16If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the coaches at any time – we are always here to support you and ensure you have a positive Peachi experience!

You can always contact Coach Kim on 0433 719 354, or hit the button below to email us…

Contact Us

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Kickstart FAQ


 > What do I need to bring to sessions? 

Just comfortable clothes and a water bottle, that’s it! Keep in mind that a lot of sessions are outside, so in the colder months wear layers so you can stay warm but regulate your temperature as you warm up with exercise!

 > How do I know which area my session is?

We have 2 training zones – The Studio is our indoor space, and The Pit is our outdoor space. You can see which zone your session is in by checking in the app in the “Details” section of that session… or just ask the coaches when you come in and we can help you out.



> How frequently should I be exercising when I’m first starting out? 

This answer will be different for everyone, but we recommend at least 2 – 3 days per week depending on your goals, your level and your schedule.

We will ALWAYS adjust sessions to suit how your body is feeling on the day, so even if you’re a little sore and just beginning still come to sessions and we’ll work with you to ensure you’re moving at a good level for you on that day.

   > I am SO sore – did I do something wrong? Should I cancel my session and rest? 

It is very unlikely you’ve done something wrong, the soreness you’re feeling is most likely DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It can appear 12 – 36 hours after your session and stick around for a few days, and is nothing to worry about even if getting off your chair feels like the hardest thing ever!

We DO NOT recommend cancelling your session or resting when you have DOMS, because it actually just prolongs the soreness and can make it worse. The more you move the more the DOMS will lessen, so always still come in and we will adjust your session to suit how your body is feeling that day.



 > The session I want to book into has a ‘Waitlist’, what do I do? 

Join the waitlist with as much notice as possible and we will do our best to add you to the session (it’s pretty rare we can’t fit you in). Once you have been added into the session it will appear in your app as a booked session.

   > Is there a session cancelation policy? 

Shared PT: If you cancel a session within 4 hours of the scheduled start time you can be charged a $5 fee each time, unless you contact your coach to let them know. It is at the coach’s discretion whether you are charged the $5 fee.

Group Classes: You can cancel sessions at any time in the app. You do not need to let the coach know in any other form.

You’ve probably noticed our TV screens in the gym with the squares changing colour during your sessions.. This is MYZONE, a heart rate system we use to track your training sessions, progress and effort.

It’s not compulsory to have one to her a member at Peachi, but we strongly recommend it so we can use science to back our sessions and coaching to help you get the most out of your sessions and ensure you are recovering adequately too.

We love MZYONE for a few reasons:

> It helps us see what level you’re working at so we can ensure your sessions are at the right level for your body, and also helps us ensure you get enough recovery time between exercises too.

> You can track your effort and improvement as your fitness increases and get a better understanding of how your body is working during exercise.

> It doesn’t compare your calorie burn or fitness level to anyone else, it’s all about comparing your workouts to your workouts and exercising at the right level for you.

> It helps keep you exercising accountable and consistent – you reach a MEP target each month to level up to new statuses.. we even have singlets to reward each status level to celebrate your training consistency.

> It’s fun and motivating – we love seeing those numbers up on the screen and members are motivated to hit their targets!


Here is a couple of overview videos to get a better understanding of what MYZONE is and how it works…



If you want to grab a MYZONE band and join the fun just ask the coaches and we can set you up! 

Bands are $99 and yours to keep and use both in the studio and in your own training for good. 

We have a range of membership options to suit everyone depending on their preferred style of training, schedule and budget.

Check them out and ask your coach any questions or let them know what option you think might suit you best…


Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to living a fit, happy and healthy life – we believe in creating healthy and balanced habits in nutrition and across all areas of life too.

We are NOT about fad diets, calorie counting, restrictive meal plans or unrealistic expectations when it comes to nutrition.

Why? Because although you may achieve quick-fix results these practices and results are very rarely sustainable, meaning you quickly end up right back where you started. Instead, we focus on your habits and creating small, actionable changes that will build positive shifts to your body, mind and lifestyle without feeling too overwhelming.

Through this program our goals are:

> Education: Learn what is best for YOUR mind and body and cut through the confusion on all the cookie-cutter approaches out there.

> Accountability: Be coached and supported by us (judgement-free) as you understand your behaviors and mindset around food and create positive change.

> Empowerment: Use your growing knowledge and take back control of your nutrition and lifestyle habits so you feel empowered to achieve your goals.

How It Works

> You work one-on-one with our coaches to explore your current nutrition and lifestyle habits and make gradual positive changes

> Participate in Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching alongside any Peachi membership for a cost of $27 per week for 10 weeks.

If you’re keen to find out more ask Coach Kim!


Got a friend or family who is keen to join the Peachi community?

Check out these offers:


When you refer a friend (or family member) and they sign up to a regular membership you BOTH get 1 week of your membership FREE!


When someone else from your household (ie. they live with you and are a spouse or related to you and living with you) joins the Peachi community you BOTH receive 10% off your membership. This linked 10% discount is ongoing and remains in place for as long as both of you are members at Peachi.

We are here to support you so please don’t hesitate to reach out to a coach at any time if you have any questions or concerns.. or even if you just want a little extra accountability – that’s what we’re here for!


Want to offer feedback or suggestions?

Our number one goal is to ensure you have all the support you need a positive experience. We always value your open and honest feedback – hit us with the good and the bad so we can ensure we always strive to deliver the highest quality coaching and support and a positive experience to all our members.

Click here to submit your feedback or suggestion to us.

*PS. You can remain anonymous if you prefer, but we promise we won’t judge you or treat you negatively for anything submitted – leaving your name can make it easier to know more specifically what you’re talking about and work with you to improve where needed. 

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