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This S SERIES HUB page gives you a full breakdown on what’s coming your way over this 6 weeks of awesome!

Scroll down to check out all the info you need – important dates, testing info, workshop details etc.


We have 4 streams of focus in this Series… which ‘S’quad are you in?

S Series Hub 2

This an option for new members joining us for the Series who want to get into a well rounded program and ‘shape’ habits. If you’re just getting back into exercise, or you have the goal to improve exercise consistency and overall fitness and strength but you don’t want to dive into really specific training like the other options offer then we recommend you choose this stream and enjoy getting into regular exercise.

S Series Hub 3

Improve your cardio fitness and muscle endurance with heart rate-specific training – challenge your fitness, level up your cardio speed and endurance and work up a sweat! 

Suitable for anyone with overall fitness goals, people wanting to challenge their regular training intensity, those looking to up their calorie burn or who want to carry their cardio endurance over to running, cycling or other cardio-based activities.

S Series Hub 4

Focus on improving your strength and power with specific training designed to fine tune your lifting technique and level up your muscle strength.

Suitable for experienced lifters and people who have never used a barbell but want to learn how!

S Series Hub 5

Focus on improving flexibility and mobility with specific training designed not only to make your body more much more bendy, but to ensure your muscles are also strong in your new range of motion – the way to level up your mobility and prevent injury too.

Suitable for anyone wanting to put all their focus into improving their range of motion, flexibility and ease of movement… You may have a goal to do the splits, to increase your squat depth, or just to feel free in day to day life!



> Access to all the S Series workshops and stream-specific programming in THE DIVIDE sessions (scroll down to read more).

> Infared Sauna Session x 1 per week – 45 mins of mind, muscle and joint recovery, skin detox, endorphins and ‘you time’. If you want to learn more about our sauna click here.

> All the teamwork, boosted accountability, fun and results you could ask for over 6-weeks!

KEY DATESS Series Hub 6

Each workshop is focused toward each stream (hence the colour-coded dots), but you are all welcome to attend all three workshops regardless of your chosen stream – we would love to see as many as possible of you at all of them!

Note: The Key 3 Technique Workshop has been strategically placed in the hour right before Baseline Testing will be running in the DIVIDE. The workshop will be all technique focused and will serve as the ultimate warm up and preparation before you test your baseline strength in the DIVIDE. So don’t worry about being too fatigued if you do both in a row.


This is where we assess and record metrics specific to your stream. We know the idea of this can be a little intimidating if you’re just starting out, but there’s zero pressure to keep up with anyone else or do anything outside your comfort zone. You don’t have to do testing if you don’t want to, but we highly recommend it so you can see your progress and celebrate your wins at the end of the 6 weeks!

This testing happens during all DIVIDE sessions in Week Zero and Week Five.


The sessions in green on the timetable below are group classes called ‘The Divide’ are set especially for you guys! In these sessions everyone will be divided into the following Squads:

 – Strength    –    Stretch    –    Sweat    –    Shape & Non-Series Members.

S Series Hub 7

Although we have 5 DIVIDE sessions available across the week, to get the most out of this series we strongly recommend you are doing a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 3 of these sessions each week. Of course you will also complete the other training sessions in your membership too.


How are the DIVIDE sessions programmed?

There are two key sessions programmed for each stream that you will ideally complete each week to ensure you are getting a holistic, full body program that hits all angles!

These sessions are programmed to run on weekdays – see below.

The idea of the Saturday is to give you a time to complete a make up session if you miss one of the weekday ones, or if you’re coming along to a third you get a bonus workout in that is specific to your stream. OR if you can use Saturday to dabble into one of the other streams too. For example, if you’re doing Strength or Stretch during the week, you can complete the Sweat program on Saturday if you like.

S Series Hub 8


S Series Hub 9If you’ve got any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to the coaches at any time – we are always here to support you and ensure you have a positive Peachi experience!

You can always contact Coach Kim on 0433 719 354, or hit the button below to email us…

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