Restorative PT – Move with freedom.

Niggling pain or restriction holding you back? 

Want to learn what your body needs to move pain free so you can get the most out of every session and have freedom of movement in every day life?!

Restorative PT (RPT) is our series focused solely on giving you back that freedom – it’s like Shared PT, but it’s all about tuning into your restrictions, completing a program designed to eliminate those pains and most importantly empowering you with the knowledge and skill you need to stay pain-free for GOOD!

One of these sound like something your body needs?


Back Bandits

Eliminate back pain and improve the mobility and control you have over your spine so you can move pain-free and feel confident and strong in deadlifts, swings and more!


Shoulder Samurais

Free yourself from shoulder pain and restriction (or if you suffer regular tension headaches this is the group for you) so you can shoulder press and push up with ease!


Knee Ninjas

Wipe out knee pain and niggles and free restrictions in your hips so you can step up, step down,  jump, squat, run and lunge with confidence and strength!


Ankle Assassains

Improve your ankle mobility, balance and eliminate foot pain so you can so you can skip, hop, jump and run. Not to mention what improved ankle function does for your squats too!

How it works

– An RPT series is 6 weeks long. You attend the same set RPT session each week for 6 weeks (these sessions are run separately to Shared PT, ie. they are not interchanegeable).

– In week 1 you begin with movement and pain screenings, then we create a program tailored specifically to your body and you spend the next 4 weeks working the program both in RPT sessions and working on elements inbetween sessions too. In week 6 we re-screen your movement, celebrate your progress and set you a plan for you to continue your work and progress into the future.

– As a current Peachi member you have the option to pay $197 upfront, or break payments into 6 weekly instalments of $36.

– As a new or returning Peachi member you have the option to pay $247 upfront, or break payments into 6 weekly instalments of $46.



We have very limited places available, so get in quick to reserve your place by completing your registration here:

Check out some of our previous RPT results…

Ben, the Back Bandit

RPT 5 “Having started with Peachi a little over two years ago due to chronic back problems, I leaped at the opportunity to be involved with a program focused to the back after hearing the success of similar focused sessions.

After an evaluation, I was issued a tailored program which focused heavily on the APT (Anterior Pelvic Tilt) movement. This has turned out to be a game changer for me. Simply zeroing in on this one movement and understanding its mechanics has given me a different perspective when performing regular exercises such as deadlifts, squats and ropes etc. I am really pleased with the focused sessions which have provided huge value and insights into my usual programs. Thanks Peachi!!”

Priscilla, the Knee Ninja

RPT 6 “Since we finished our mini program on knees I have been consistently completing the recommended exercises on a weekly basis and my pain is practically non-existent.

I have been running more often and longer distances with no pain afterwards. I’m also finding myself very aware of my knees and correcting them when they are leaning inwards – even when I am driving! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to create this program for me – you are the best!”

Kirsten, the Shoulder Samurai

RPT 7 The program for my shoulder included new exercises (compared to previous programs I have done for shoulder rehab). I could feel the difference in strength as the sessions progressed – and I was guilty of not practicing enough outside of the contact sessions. The release exercises were unique to RPT and I have found them immensely helpful. I didn’t appreciate the importance of release prior to joining Peachi PT.  Thanks and commendations to Peachi coaches in designing a targeted program that gave me results.

Noemi, the Knee Ninja (AND Back Bandit)

RPT 8I signed up for the 5 week RPT program @Peachi as I was having issues with my knees after training sessions. After my initial assessment the Peachi trainers gave me various muscle releases and activations to increase strength and movement in my knees. The trainers strongly suggested I do some of the releases and activations at home on a daily basis and not just in our sessions at the studio.

I did the home work and it made a huge improvement. My assessment at the end of the 5 weeks showed more stability in my knees. I will definitely continue doing the home work. And I signed up to be a Back Bandit in the next series too! Thanks Peachi Crew.😊

SO! Are you struggling with niggling, annoying pains they you want to address and (hopefully) ELIMINATE?

Do you want to know HOW to take control when those niggles kick in and have the skills to reduce the pain and get back to feeling pain free?

If the answer is YES and YES, then click below to register your place!

Want to try us out?


All included for only $97

  • A Movement Assessment & One-on-One session
    • A low intensity session to check in on your mobility, your fitness level, and chat about your goals.
  • 4 x Shared PT sessions
    • Start your own completely individualised program.
  • Unlimited Group Class access
    • Try out as many classes as you like over the 14 days.

* This Offer is only available to first-time new members. 

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