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Welcome to the Peachi People hub – where as an active Peachi member you’ll find everything you need for life at Peachi…

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Each PUMP it! class in the timetable has a set style, and these styles rotate each month – you can check it out and follow your favourite styles, or just book in for whenever suits your schedule and enjoy the variety!


Peachi People - Current 5At Peachi we’ve always been about balance – a well rounded approach incorporating strength and
conditioning with mobility and recovery.

Our private, lush Sauna Sanctuary takes our recovery game to the next level, and it’s upstairs at our studio for our Peachi People reap the benefits!

Check out the benefits, how to grab sauna sessions and how to book by hitting the ‘Learn More’ button…


As a Peachi Member, you have access to our studio for Open Gym Sessions.

The time allocated to Open Gym is uncoached and unprogrammed, so you can do your own workouts and use the space however you like to move, mobilise, lift, sweat and stretch however you like!

Open Gym access is open by application only to all members, and is a bonus inclusion of your membership (yep, it’s free of charge) running on a timetable just like our Group Classes and Shared PT sessions.

As mentioned these sessions are uncoached and unsupervised, therefore in order to prioritise movement quality and safety, each application needs to be approved by the coaching team based on your confidence and competence level before any member will be granted access to Open Gym.

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  > Open Gym sessions are set at times we have coached classes running, or at other times coaches are at the studio (see times below).

  > There is a maximum of 3 members training at any one time, and you must be booked in on the app to attend (if you’re on a waitlist and show up, you will be turned away if there are already 3 members present.)

  > Sessions in the app are set to 30-minute sessions. If you’d like to do a 60-minute workout ensure you book 2 x concurrent 30-minute sessions in, but please don’t exceed 60-minutes as we want to ensure we have enough space for all members to access sessions.

  > You are only able to book these sessions if you have submitted an application and been approved by the Coaching Team.


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Suspensions, making changes to your membership, making up sessions – everything you need to know…

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Check out our partnerships and recommended local professionals – massage therapist, physio, nutritionist and more…

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Our Powerbank Fund is a safety net and support option created by our community to support our community…

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If you want to grab an extra casual group class or some Peachi Merch, did you know you can do that through our app?

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We’d love your family to become part of our family… Did you know we have a refer-a-friend bonus and a family offer?

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Did you know we have a nutrition and lifestyle coaching program? If you want to dial in and focus on your habits this is for you…


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Did you know we have a huge library of recorded resources exclusively for our members?

Toolkits to help eliminate joint pain, improve your squat and boost your running, muscle release tutorials, not to mention over 30 recorded workouts you can do anywhere, anytime…

This is a members-only platform, so you need a log in to access this content. If you don’t have one, just reach out to our coaches and we will set you up with a log in right away.


Our number one goal is to ensure you have all the support you need and a positive experience – if you have feedback we always want to hear it!

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Membership FAQ


 > The session I want to book into has a ‘Waitlist’, what do I do? 

Join the waitlist with as much notice as possible and we will do our best to add you to the session (it’s pretty rare we can’t fit you in). Once you have been added into the session it will appear in your app as a booked session.

   > Is there a session cancelation policy? 

Shared PT: If you cancel a session within 4 hours of the scheduled start time you will be charged a $5 fee each time, unless you contact the coach listed to take the session to let them know. It is at the coach’s discretion whether you are charged the $5 fee.

Group Classes: You can cancel sessions at any time in the app. You do not need to let the coach know in any other form.

   > What happens if I just don’t show up to a session? 

Shared PT: The same applies as outlined above in the ‘cancelation policy’ question – you will be marked as a “no show” and charged $5 each time.

Group Classes: Others may miss out on the session if there is a waitlist, so please try to avoid this where possible. Cancelling on the app is quick and easy, so do your best to cancel whenever possible.

   > I’ve missed some sessions or group classes, what can I do?

You can make up sessions you’ve missed, or even do extra sessions in advance if you know you will have to miss sessions in a week in the future. Simply book in on the app to extra sessions, it’s that easy!



 > How long can I pause my membership for and does it cost anything?

The maximum amount of time you can pause your memberships is 8-weeks at one given time and there are no fees – your membership payments just pause.

   > What do I need to do to suspend my membership?

You must complete a form -> click here to see/complete the form.

*Please note any text messages, verbal conversations or emails are not sufficient to action a suspension – if the above form is not completed the pause will not be actioned. 

Suspensions must be submitted by latest Friday at 10am to be in effect the following week.
EG. If you want your membership suspension to begin on Monday 15th this form must be completed by Fri 12th at 10am.

   > How do I know my suspension has been actioned? 

Suspensions will be actioned on a Friday or Saturday – you will receive a confirmation SMS once it is has been added to your account. If you haven’t received the confirmation text after Saturday on the week you submit this form then feel free to reach out and confirm it has been received.



   > How do I update my payment information? 

You can do this in our app, just follow these steps…  > I want to change to a different membership, how do I do that? 

Please email and we can chat and action changes for you.

   > I need to cancel my membership, how do I do that? 

You must complete a form -> Click here to see/complete this form.

Check out our favourite local community partners…


Larissa began her career as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2004 and has a vast degree of experience working in elite sports.

Along with 15 years experience as a Sports Massage Therapist with Collingwood Football Club, Larissa has also worked within various sports including rugby, soccer, netball and basketball.

Her massage services include remedial, deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage as well as cupping and dry needling. She has experience in chair yoga, is a meditation teacher, a Reiki Master and a holistic counselling coach. 

Her passion is to use a combination of modalities to create the space for you to heal both inside and out and to reach optimal health and wellbeing. 

How do we know Larissa?

Larissa is the partner of one of our Peachi members, and she’s great! A number of Peachi members are already regulars with her and we highly recommend her!

Larissa is based in Reservoir, but can also see clients at the Peachi studio or your home.

Contact Larissa, tell her you’re from Peachi PT and book on in…

Phone: 0423484986




Elliot has always been fascinated by the human body and its potential to heal and grow given the right conditions. Working as a physiotherapist across several fields over the last decade, Elliot brings a mountain of experience to his treatment.

Elliot has a different methodology to many physios, in that his focus is on helping clients find the root causes to their issues  rather than addressing just the cause – he’s about finding a way to eliminate the problem, not masking or managing it in an ongoing capacity. He is very curious, always learning and experimenting with the new and best ways to assist his clients.

How do we know Elliot?

We began working with Elliot back in 2019 when collaborating with another gym, and never looked back! We love his different approach and the fact that he doesn’t want to see you over and over for multiple appointments unless he truly believes you need it. He works with our coaches to ensure we are working together as a team to give our members the best plan to eliminate pain and injury.

You can visit Elliot at Melbourne Muscular Therapies at the RICHMOND clinic.

He is there on Tuesday and Wednesdays 10am – 8pm.

Book online at this link:


More coming soon…

ONE-ON-ONE PT BOOST PACK: If you want to focus on a particular exercise technique or style of training, or just boost your training or intensity and get some one-on-one support, this gives you 3 x One-on-One PT sessions to use with the coach of your choice.

10 CLASS PASS: If you’re on a Shared PT membership but want to add group classes on for a short period of time, you can grab a 10 class pass. This can be used for any group classes – PUMP it!, Restore, Pilates or Yoga.

CASUAL GROUP CLASS PASS: Want to just try one group class or bring a friend along for a class or two? Grab a casual class here.

Keen on grabbing any of these?

You can do it all in your Peachi app. Here’s how…COMING SOON… You’ll be able to purchase Peachi Merch on our app. But for now you can grab it in the studio:


> Hoodies

> Beanies

> T-Shirts & Singlets.

Got a friend or family who is keen to join the Peachi community?

Check out these offers:


When you refer a friend (or family member) and they sign up to a regular membership you BOTH get 1 week of your membership FREE!


When someone else from your household (ie. they live with you and are a spouse or related to you and living with you) joins the Peachi community you BOTH receive 10% off your membership. This linked 10% discount is ongoing and remains in place for as long as both of you are members at Peachi.


Exercise is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to living a fit, happy and healthy life – we believe in creating healthy and balanced habits in nutrition and across all areas of life too.

We are NOT about fad diets, calorie counting, restrictive meal plans or unrealistic expectations when it comes to nutrition.

Why? Because although you may achieve quick-fix results these practices and results are very rarely sustainable, meaning you quickly end up right back where you started. Instead, we focus on your habits and creating small, actionable changes that will build positive shifts to your body, mind and lifestyle without feeling too overwhelming.

Through this program our goals are:

> Education: Learn what is best for YOUR mind and body and cut through the confusion on all the cookie-cutter approaches out there.

> Accountability: Be coached and supported by us (judgement-free) as you understand your behaviors and mindset around food and create positive change.

> Empowerment: Use your growing knowledge and take back control of your nutrition and lifestyle habits so you feel empowered to achieve your goals.

How It Works

> You work one-on-one with our coaches to explore your current nutrition and lifestyle habits and make gradual positive changes

> Participate in Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching alongside any Peachi membership for a cost of $27 per week for 10 weeks.

If you’re keen to find out more ask Coach Kim!


We are here to support you so please don’t hesitate to reach out to a coach at any time if you have any questions or concerns.. or even if you just want a little extra accountability – that’s what we’re here for!


Want to offer feedback or suggestions?

Our number one goal is to ensure you have all the support you need a positive experience. We always value your open and honest feedback – hit us with the good and the bad so we can ensure we always strive to deliver the highest quality coaching and support and a positive experience to all our members.

Click here to submit your feedback or suggestion to us.

*PS. You can remain anonymous if you prefer, but we promise we won’t judge you or treat you negatively for anything submitted – leaving your name can make it easier to know more specifically what you’re talking about and work with you to improve where needed. 

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