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Monday 11th – Saturday 16th September 2023

Hey Peachi People, Hell Week is almost here and it’s time to get ready!

Think of Hell Week as school sports, all the members are divided into a Team Colour and are in that colour for their Peachi lifetime. It’s a fun week for team work and some light-hearted competition.

Every single member is in a team – it’s not something you sign up for or opt out of – you’re just in!

Important note: We would like to make it really clear that the idea of Hell Week is to build up our community atmosphere, shake things up and have a little bit of fun! You won’t be expected to work above your level or outside your ability at any point, and following the rules is manageable even if you are unable to make it along to any extra sessions or the team session on Saturday.

So even if you’re not keen to get involved in the crazy of it all, all you really need to do is come to your usual sessions and follow the few rules below and you’ll inadvertently earn points for your team 😉


Every current Peachi member has a team, and once you’re in that team it’s your colour for life!

PS. It’s a big job creating these teams balancing new members, members on suspension etc, so if you don’t see your name here we promise it’s nothing personal, please just let us know ASAP so we can add you!

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Your sessions will run as normal – i
n Shared PT sessions you will still be completing your regular programs, and in Group Classes sessions will be run at the same level as per usual.

HOWEVER, the regular session component will be shortened to 45 minutes, and the last 10 minutes of every session is HELL TIME, where you will have free choice to do the daily HELL WOD (Workout of the Day) or add to your Team Totals for bonus points if you choose to.



During HELL TIME (and only during HELL TIME) you can choose to work through a big list of exercises to help contribute to your team’s total rep count.

You can do this however you like – choose which exercises (maybe only one or two or maybe all of them) to work on and work through them however you like. You might choose to create yourself a mini-circuit, or just power through as many reps of one exercise as you can.

** Ensure you choose weights that challenge you (us coaches will know if you’re going too light) but ensure you’re always moving with good technique ** 

4000 x Wall Ball Rotation Throws

3250 x C/I Pull Ups

2500 x Kneeling MB Slams

2000 x PB Floor Press

1500 x Calories

750 x Prisoner Get Ups

75 x Laps Around The Block (laneway, Bedford St, High Street Howard St, laneway)

We will be running a Team Challenge on Saturday 16th September from 8:30am to 10:00am.

Please note all regular sessions in the timetable have been cancelled for this day – the Team Challenge is the only thing running at the studio…

We would love to get as many of you involved as possible in this to make it fun and really finish the week on a high! This session will be suitable for all fitness levels and body abilities and is the final opportunity to help your Team to victory and get a photo with the trophy 😉


Each team starts with 100 points as a baseline. Each member earns (or loses) points for their team throughout the week.

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> If you don’t wear black and/or your team colour you will lose points for your team – this does not include your footwear.

> KMs covered away from the studio are only counted for walking / jogging / running (no treadmills). No cycling, swimming, scootering, handstand walking, driving, hopping, army rolling or any other forms of movement KM will count! You must prove your KM using an app that shows your KM by screenshotting and sharing in your team Messenger Group Chat, or by texting it to your Team Coach. Apps such as Strava, Map My Run, Samsung Health, Apple Health are perfect for this.

> If you cancel your booked session in the app or by messaging a coach (like normal) then you will not lose points for your team. Only ‘no shows’ will lose points – ie. if you’re still booked in on the app but you just don’t show up.

> All team spirit, effort, and complaining/sarcasm points are to be awarded and deducted at the coaches discretion (both by your team coach within the team chat or by the coach taking any session).

> Any attempts to pressure, sabotage, taunt or demotivate any member will result in an automatic 100 point loss per attempt. This event (just like everything at Peachi) is strictly a positive-vibes only space. Please keep in mind everyone is working at different levels, with different goals, motivations and time restraints. Everyone has the right to be as involved as they like/choose to be throughout the whole week.

> Myzone MEPS are not counted toward your team score.

> HELL TIME is strictly only 10 minutes long. HELL TIME does NOT apply in Open Gym sessions, only in coached Shared PT sessions and Group Classes.

  • TEAM TOTALS can only be completed in HELL TIME. Once your team has completed the listed number of reps, the is awarded 200 points per exercise they complete. If your team fails to complete the full number of reps in a particular exercise by Friday at 10.30am then you receive zero points for that exercise – it’s all or nothing! No additional points will be awarded for exceeding the Team Total numbers.
  • HELL WODs can only be completed in HELL TIME once per session, per person. Please ask the Coaches for an alternative/level that suits you if you’re unable to do any of the exercises listed in a WOD – you’re never expected to work outside your level or body’s ability. If you are challenging yourself to complete the WOD in the timeframe but do not complete it that is totally fine, points will be awarded to you, but of course if we see you purposely working slowly or not putting in effort you will not receive points for your attempt.

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