Exercise Variety Is Key🔑

The trick to keeping your motivation high and the progress coming is to keep your training varied!

Check out our top 3 tips to help you get more out of your exercise!

Exercise Variety Is Key🔑 4🔸Why is variety so important? 
1. It stops you getting bored with the same old exercises and stay motivated to workout – who likes repeating the same thing day in and day out?2. It ensures your muscles and cardiovascular system are being stimulated in different ways, which helps you develop more fitness, strength and stability.3. It accelerate your progress, whether your goal is fat loss, building muscle or building strength.

🔸Ways You Can Add Variety to Training
1. Change your rep range or time frame – don’t stick to 10 reps all the time, try doing a couple of weeks of 15 reps, even try a week of 20 rep sets! You will probably have to reduce your weight, but your muscles will be burning and pushed in a different way to what they’re used to, and when you go back to that 10 rep range you will feel the benefits!

2. Change your exercises – this works on two levels! Don’t just do barbell back squats, also make time for barbell front squats or kettlebell rack squats and the benefits will carry over to your back squats. Secondly, if you want to get better at push ups you don’t just do push ups for an hour, it’s important to incorporate other exercises to develop your chest and shoulder muscles too! Take things to another level and change the exercise altogether (eg. by doing lunges or step ups instead of squats) for a few weeks. This will challenge your muscles in different ways and help your squats improve when you go back to them.

3. Change your equipment – instead of using a barbell try dumbells, kettlebells or even a powerbag. We have a habit of sticking to things we feel good at, but stepping outside that comfort zone will help you develop your skills and strength and progress faster!

Sick of doing the same things over and over? Feel like you’re a bit stuck and need help getting more variety in your exercise?
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